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Linda Gail Patrick said,
Amazing I was thinking of how I need to be contributing more in a monetary way before I ever went to church this morning and, wow, there was the sermon. I was ready for it. I always think, “well, I am doing some good things and putting my heart and soul into “my dreams” and I ask the church to pray for all my family and so many things in my life and what do I give? mmmm mmmm mmmm, not much. I am kind of ashamed of myself really. I need to plan better, I need to give more than my prayer requests… and by the way, God has been answering many many of my prayers and the ones I have asked you to pray for, I get too busy sometimes to share the praise items…. I had to hold myself back from walking right up in front of the church and tell everyone what a loser I am and how I have not been doing what I should….it’s easy to rationalize but it’s wrong…if we all give our part….and what we should then….things will be better for us all. We are all one body and when one member hurts we all do. Oh dear, it says post…. well, should I hit the button….??? confession is good for the soul…. I make this commitment…I pray to do better…. I pray to do what I know to do. This commitment will help me to become more accountable and a productive member of our church.
Posted on October 18th, 2009


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